Monday, May 11, 2009

Writing the Cowboy and Lucky in Love

So, I just finished reading Stacey Coverstone's Lucky in Love and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a contemporary romance which takes place on the Lucky 7 ranch in Tularosa, NM. Although Stacey lives back east, she managed to get the details of the area, and the people, just right.

Not all authors are so adept at creating a good cowboy, especially if they don't live the lifestyle. I happen to know Stacy keeps horses on her spread in Maryland and rides western style, so that certainly gives her a leg up, so to speak. :) But what is it about the western hero she created that spoke to me?

In Lucky in Love, the hero's name is Wyatt Brannigan. Now, Wyatt is a great name for a cowboy. Think Wyatt Earp.

She describes him and his attire the first time thusly: "His tanned face was ruggedly handsome and he was at least six feet tall. The shirt he wore was plaid with a western yoke and pearl snaps. His boots were broken in, and a well-worn cowboy hat with a wide brim shaded his eyes". Now, can't you just picture a tall drink of water?

Later, when Wyatt takes Jordan on their very first date, Stacey describes him like this: "He wore black jeans, ironed with a crease down the leg, a crisp white shirt, and polished black boots".  Another great description.Wyatt sounds mighty yummy. 'Course I'm picturing his tight little behind and the circle left by his can of Copenhagen...

Anyway, Stacey is a really talented writer and she made my hankering for a real cowboy ever more urgent after reading Lucky in Love. It's more of a sweet romance that erotica, but definitely still worth the time to sit down and read, paticularly if you love westerns.