Monday, February 23, 2009

What Is It About A Cowboy?

There’s a certain mystique to a cowboy – that image in our mind of the ‘Marlboro Man’. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, strong, silent, and well-mannered. He lives by the code of the west. He can’t be fenced in and he lives for riding the open range.

I think most of us know, keep down inside, that our fantasy of the cowboy is just that – a fantasy. Especially those cowboys from the heyday (1800s) of western romances. They were dirty, stinky, unshaven, and wore loose clothing which allowed them to effectively do their jobs.

Today’s modern cowboy tends to be a bit more on the romantic side. If you’ve watched PRCA on television or attended a rodeo or even just spent some time in one of the many fascinating small towns in the southwest, you’ve probably seen a cowboy who made you go nuts for Wrangler butts. Tight jeans, hat, boots, belt with a big silver buckle, a velvet voice that says “thank you, ma’am”: these are the cowboys who live in our fantasies. Stoic and enigmatic, these cowboys exemplify the appeal of the west. Put him on a horse and oh my! Yum!

When I was growing up in New Mexico, there was a code of conduct, and a code of ethics whereby people lived. For instance, cowboys were always polite; they didn’t cuss in front of women, and always held open a door for her. By the same token, a western woman was expected to act just as respectful to others and work just as hard as her man without complaint. In fact, the woman who could be tough as nails and take hardship with a smile and a swing of her cute butt was one most coveted by a cowboy. And if you took a cowboy’s hat from his head, you better be prepared to face an angry man or go to bed with him (depending on how interested he was).

No matter if it’s today or yesteryear, women will always be fascinated with cowboys. And I certainly hope I can continue to entertain all those women who love them, or even just love the thought of them!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Looking For a Hot Cowboy?

According to my publisher, Carnal Passions, my erotic novella, Rancho de Mucho Caliente, is set to be released on February 25th.

Just check out this incredibly hot cover art. Yeehaw!
This certainly does a great job of transmitting the message of "Very Hot Ranch".

Rancho de Mucho Caliente is the story of a 40-something professional woman who attempts to find a balance between her job and her increasing desire for hot sex:
"When her company sends her off on yet one more training session at a New Mexico ranch, J.D. Johnston is less than thrilled. She runs into handsome cowboy Dallas Brooks, however, and suddenly the prospect of spending several days in a bucolic setting doesn’t seem too bad.
For Dallas, the attraction is mutual and he can’t seem to keep his hands off J.D. While suffering through the seminar, the two of them start to realize a few things about what they really want in life, including sex with each other!"

I still get hot and bothered when I read this story. I hope you enjoy reading it, too!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Treasure Hunt of Love

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, there may be some married women out there who are wondering how to add the romance back to their love life. Although this little game is a great one to try on Valentine’s Day, it sure doesn’t hurt to think about doing this at other random times throughout the year, too! Try it and let me know how it goes.

Sex it up game #1: Treasure Hunt of Love

Time: This game takes a bit of planning. You will need at least a day to get everything purchased and prepared. You will want to plan it for a day that your husband or significant other is going to be away for a good amount of time (such as a normal work day).

Cost: There will be some cost, although it can be quite cheap if you make most of the items yourself. Your desires will determine your budget.

Items needed:
  • 3 – 7 small, blank cards (you can make these yourself or buy them at the store; look for some sexy designs)
  • Your favorite finger foods such as veggies, chips and dip, chicken fingers, chocolate-dipped strawberries, etc.
  • Your man’s favorite indulgent drink (alcoholic or non)
  • A variety of little gifts (such things as a pair of silk boxer shorts, a candy bar, a music CD)
  • Your favorite sexy movie (I like 9 ½ Weeks myself although Body Heat is also a good one and many people like Out of Sight or Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Of course, feel free to find something more erotic if you are so inclined)

The Plan
Okay, here’s the premise. What you are going to do is plant a little card at various points throughout your house (or even outside if you so desire), the ‘stations of delight’. The idea is to greet your significant other with the first card before he enters the house so that he knows what to do next and how to get to the next station of delight.

So, take your first card and write on it something like: “This is a treasure hunt for love. Read each card, follow the instructions, and figure out the clues to find out where you need to go next”. At this point, you might include instructions to take off his shoes and coat (have a chair or hat rack handy, perhaps a pair of slippers), and then look for his next station where he would find food getting cold (the refrigerator).

The next card will be placed in the refrigerator, perhaps propped up in front of a beer bottle. It will have instructions to pour himself a cold beer with an iced glass conveniently located in the freezer above, for example. Be sure to include a clue to the location of the next station.

This can go on with as many stations of delight that you can think of, or have room for. One station may be at the stereo, where he will need to push a button and play a new CD of romantic music. Another station may have a sexy pair of boxer shorts or robe flung across a chair with instructions for him to strip down. Use your imagination and your knowledge of what he likes to come up with ideas for each stop. Make sure there are at least three stations set up in order for it to be the most fun and the biggest surprise.

The last stop will include a clue to get him into the bedroom. This is where you will have your erotic movie playing (press play when you hear him heading your way so he doesn’t realize you’re in there too early), a platter of finger foods, perhaps a chilling bottle of champagne and pair of glasses, bottle of massage oil, and always, you in a sexy little negligee appropriately posed and waiting for your man.

I’ll let you take it from there and decide how you want it to end (hint, food and champagne can be used for more than eating and drinking - review 9 ½ Weeks for ideas if you need 'em *wink*).

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Welcome to the World of Steamy Western Erotica

If you're like me, you find there's just something incredibly sexy about a cowboy in boots and a hat. To quote a bumper sticker I once saw, "I go nuts for Wrangler butts"!

Let's face it, ladies, the mystique of a western man who has the handsome face of Tim McGraw, the deep voice of Trace Adkins, and the muscular body of Kenny Chesney is unparalleled. Whoo! I'm getting myself hot now!

Anyway, stay tuned for some great excerpts and a preview of more stories to come!