Monday, March 23, 2009

Publishing News

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I am pleased to announce that my erotic short story, Rancho de Mucho Caliente, is now available in trade paperback! Woo hoo! For those of you who still enjoy picking up a good book instead of reading a file from your computer or PDA, Carnal Passions makes it easy to do so. You can order it from the Carnal Passions website.

Also, take a peek at the Carnal Passions blog. I also post over there (and like to include photos of some hunky men) so check it out. Here's the link: Carnal Passions Blog.

From Carnal Passions' flip side, Champagne Books, comes the news of a new book club - with 2 options for delivery: ebooks in .pdf format, or print books. This is a great opportunity to receive some great new books every single month at a very affordable price. Check out the details here.

Until next time, have a spicy hot day filled with gorgeous cowboys and Wrangler butts!